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In-person lessons are coming again Fall 2023 for grades 1st-12th.
Groups are divided into different grade levels so projects

can match skill levels.
Direct billing to homeschool charters is available for families with;

IDEA, Family Partnership, Frontier, Cyberlynx, and Raven.

Liam art.jpeg

Anchorage homeschool multi-media art

Fall 2023 Semester 

Classes are being held on Tuesdays in South Anchorage at Roundabout Books. Students will work with different styles of paints, oil & chalk pastels, and more. 

12:45pm 1st - 6th grade

2:00pm 6th - 10th grade

5th art.jpeg

Eagle River homeschool multi-media art

Fall 2023 Semester

Classes will be held at the Harry McDonald Center in Eagle River. Students will work with different styles of acrylic painting, charcoals, oil & chalk pastels, and more.

time schedule coming soon...


3rd-6th grade

Fall 2023 Semester 

Young paleontology lovers will travel back in time to learn about dinosaur discovery, archaeology, fossils, and more. This class will explore creatures of the past, including specific dinosaurs, excavation, and volcano building. 

Tuesdays @11:30am


Medieval Times- Knights & Vikings
3rd-6th grade

Fall 2023 Semester


This Medieval Times class is full of fun activities that will teach your students about life during the Middle Ages for both the fierce Vikings and noble Knights. Through kid-friendly reading passages and engaging activities like STEM builds and a Viking theme “escape room”, your students will be thoroughly fascinated by the Middle Ages. They will learn about the lifestyles and culture of people and the historical events of the time.

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